Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer


4 Reasons To Try Personal Training

There is something about the change of season that sometimes has us falling off the fitness bandwagon. You’ve worked hard all summer, so why give up now that it is a little darker and a little cooler outside? In fact, nothing will you warm up quicker than a session at the gym!

But we get it, sometimes the seasonal change can impact our motivation, so to help you stay committed we have rounded up the top 4 reasons finding a workout buddy in a personal trainer is your winter solution.

1. Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life, and personal training is no different! Whether you are training for an event or just wanting to improve your overall health, a personal trainer can show you a range of different workouts to keep you on track and engaged. Did you know you'll stop seeing results after 6-8 weeks of doing the same exercises? You can avoid the fitness plateau with a PT who can ‘shake up’ your routine to help you achieve your goals.

2. Stay accountable

Whether you want to shed the kilos, build muscle or simply tone those targeted areas, a personal trainer is like your own cheerleader, spurring you on from the sidelines (with expert advice, of course!). A recent study revealed that 36% of people say it’s too hard to find the time to go the gym, so you’ll easily beat the excuses and never skip leg day again when you’ve got a session booked in and a PT is waiting to train with you.

3. Learn the ropes

We know that the equipment and machines in club can seem a little intimidating until you get the swing of those lat pulldowns or that jungle gym within the functional training zone. While all are highly beneficial to your workouts, you’ll only be able to maximise results if you use them properly. The good news? You can skip ahead of the pack with some insider tips and techniques during your personal training sessions. Loaded with expert knowledge, a personal trainer can teach you the ways of the fitness world so you can work out on your own with confidence.

4. Motivation on tap!

Don’t face the winter blues alone, personal trainers come with built-in motivation for each and every session! Studies have shown that 38% of people believe it is too hard to get back on the health track after falling off, so ongoing motivation throughout your training can help you stay on the straight and narrow. Plus, whether you want long term help or a quick fix solution, the additional support while you workout can improve your chances of maintaining results by over 30%. 

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