5 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

5 tips to stay motivated to exercise

5 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

It isn't always easy to keep the motivation levels up to exercise regularly. With that in mind, here's five tips from Restart Health Escapes to maintain your motivation for an active lifestyle.

  • Change your mindset: Embrace the idea that exercise is about more than losing weight and changing physique. Exercise can help you in many ways more than what is seen from the outside. Exercise can help improve physical function, mental health and can help reduce chronic disease risk for conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Widen your perception to all the health benefits of physical activity.
  • Instant gratification: Consider the immediate effects of exercise.  Immediate results from exercise include positive mental outlook. Even short bouts of activity can reduce stress and improve mood through the release of endorphins in the brain. Compare how you feel mentally before and after physical activity. When you connect exercise with these positive feelings you start to realize a more immediate benefit.
  • Make it a priority: Make your health one of your top priorities! If not, this could keep you from sticking with exercise. Until you place a high value on health and the many benefits of a physically active lifestyle, your efforts will probably fall short. People make time for things that are important to them. Be honest. Where do health and a physically active lifestyle fit into your value system?  If exercise feels like one more thing on the to-do list, it is time to re-frame your thinking. By thinking of exercise as a "get to do" instead of a "have to do" the inner voice is messaging a positive experience. If you find yourself saying "I have to exercise" and it seems like drudgery imagine if you start telling yourself "I get to exercise". The inner voice is powerful. What is yours saying?
  • Mix it up: Variety is key to keep exercise fun and engaging. Try a new group exercise class, or round up some friends for a few sessions with a personal trainer. With so many exercise options at Goodlife Health Clubs, there is some form of activity for everyone. An open mind and sense of adventure can keep you motivated and looking forward to your next workout!
  • Set goals: Setting SMART goals can help you focus and set a clear direction for what you intend to accomplish. Be specific about your exercise plan when you are writing down your goals. "Getting in shape" is vague compared to "I will walk Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 45 minutes before breakfast." This lays out an intentional plan for what the exercise is, when it will take place and for how long. Those that write down goals and record their exercise do better with long-term behaviour change.

Stay motivated, keep challenging yourself, and enjoy the benefits a healthy, active lifestyle provides!

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