Why you should add cycling to your workout


Adding cycling to your fitness regime

Anyone that cycles on the regular, you will most likely know about, as they’re sure to rave about it. Have you ever wondered why those who cycle are all about it and are the fittest on their shining armor? Not only does it boast a heap of health benefits (both physical and mental,) it’s amazing for the planet (and bank balance) too. And with the Brisbane Cycling Festival on every year in April, there’s never been a better time mix up your workout.

1. Cardio with a view and fuelled with natural oxygen. Making your way through the Brisbane landscape with the breeze of speed tickling your face, cycling is fantastic for cardiovascular fitness. Pedaling increases your heart rate and gets the blood pumping through your veins, which when done regularly, reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

2. Working out top to toe. Different forms of exercise deliver multiple benefits at one time, but cycling improves strength, balance and endurance. Not only is it great for fitness, cycling increases bone strength and reduces the risk of falls and fractures. It also works all major muscle groups as you pedal and steer, building strength throughout the whole body rather than in one select muscle group.

3. Low impact means low barrier for entry. Take a seat and let your body manage your ride at any comfort level. Hosting significantly less strain and injury than many other kinds of exercise, it’s the complete cross-training activity; a powerful workout with little impact on the muscles and joints. This also means that it’s great for recovery and for staying fit through rehabilitation.

4. Rolling with your mates, old and new. Trade in your Sunday morning drive to brunch and combine your coffee with a ride to your local café to meet your mates, or go for a cycle around the park with the family instead of your afternoon stroll. The cycling community is a family in itself and great way to get out and meet people with similar interests whilst staying motivated.

5. Going green Brissie has some of the most beautiful natural environments in the country, if not the world, so it makes sense to take your workout outdoors whenever you can. A leisurely ride through your local provides both physical and mental health benefits and is a fun way to explore new locations right on your doorstep. Instead of stopping to fill up the car, fuel your body and your soul by dusting off the bike and get you around on two instead of four.

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