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7 reasons to try Booty Barre

Bootybarre is an exercise class created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallet in 2009. It involves the combination of strength, flexibility and cardio by incorporating exercises inspired from ballet, Pilates and yoga. The class involves using a barre as a prop to balance on, while performing high repetitions of small range of motion movements (i.e. ballet plies, arm raises and low kicks).  

If you’re looking for a new and exhilarating way to stay fit in the cooler months, let us convince you with these seven reasons to give Bootybarre a go!

Reason 1: Increases strength and muscle definition

Bootybarre classes aim to work every muscle in the body - particularly the core, but also your arms, glutes back, thighs, and muscles that are often underused. The exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time and from all angles, strengthening and creating definition.  

Reason 2: Improves flexibility

Bootybarre involves stretching in order to increase flexibility and day-to-day range of motion. Focused stretching for muscles that have been targeted during the class helps to loosen you up, and make you feel relaxed and strong (rather than weak or stiff!)

Reason 3: Improves posture

Every movement in Bootybarre involves the core muscles. Whether the core muscles are engaged as a specific targeted exercise, or for stability, the Bootybarre exercises increase core, back and hip strength for better posture.  

Reason 4: Reduces stress

Any form of exercise will help relieve stress! However, Bootybarre specifically relieves stress by focusing on breathing technique and precise muscle movements. Call it ‘active meditation’!

Reason 5: Boosts cardiovascular fitness

Bootybarre is a strength AND a cardio workout. Rapid repetition of low-intensity strength and conditioning exercises will lift your heart rate and burn extra calories, whilst toning your muscles. Who needs multiple classes – this one has it all!

Reason 6: Lower risk of injury

Bootybarre is low impact, meaning there is less pressure and shock to your joints, and reduced risk of injury. Improved strength, posture and fitness as a result of attending the class regularly will also help to prevent general wear and tear injuries, such as back pain, in the long run. Low intensity, weight bearing exercise classes, such as Bootybarre, will also protect and strengthen your bones.

Reason 7: It’s fun!

Above all else, Bootybarre is good fun! It has an upbeat and energetic nature with great tunes and it is suitable for all fitness levels.

Samantha Stuk Posted by: Samantha Stuk

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