How To Prepare For A Triathlon

How to prepare for a triathlon

How To Prepare For A Triathlon

Ever thought of doing a triathlon? It's not as scary as you think! There is no better time to start than with a new year nearly upon us.

What's first you ask? Set a goal! Shoot for the Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series. This iconic series continues to unite teams from across Australia in the spirit of corporate health and competition, whilst working together to represent their company. Events are held in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Get your colleagues involved and sign up to represent your company.

So, what do I need?

To get started in triathlon you will need a few essentials. Most of the gear you may already have including a bike, running shoes and swimming goggles. To make it easy for you we have put together a quick checklist of the things you will need to get through training and race day.

Swim Cycle Run Optional
 Wet suit (optional)  Bike  Running shoes  Sunscreen
 Swimming cap  Water bottle  Hat  Lip balm
 Goggles  Sunglasses or eye protection    Transition bags
 Towels  Footwear and socks    Watch
Triathlon uniform

Spare change of clothes

Extra towels

How do I train?

The most important thing is to ensure you are ready for all three legs of the triathlon. Regular running, swimming and cycling sessions are important to build stamina and confidence - these are even easier if you have a team to train with!

TRI TIP - Integrate open water swimming into your training program - it is VERY different from following the black line at the bottom of your local pool. Make sure you take some friends along and swim at a supervised beach to keep safe.

Tips and tricks for race day?

Like any sport - those in the know have a wide range of tips and tricks to help get them through race day.

Here are a few to give you a head start:

The day before Morning of During After
 Organise your paperwork and gear.
Make sure it is labelled and bagged up (waterproof)
 Eat something at least 2 hours before
the race to fuel your body
 Position yourself at the swim start based 
on your swimming ability to prevent getting
trampled or held up
 Refuel and drink plenty of water
 Eat normally - don't overthink it!  Arrive early and dress in layers  Utilise the hydration stations on course  Cool down properly with some walking
and light stretching
Get a good night's sleep and stay hydrated Lay out your gear for quick transitions Make sure you don't get caught drafting
(riding too close to the bike in front) to
avoid penalties
Listen to your body - rest!
Study the course - know where you need to go during
each leg and in transition
Scope out the transition area - most 
importantly make sure you know how 
to get to your bike from where you
finish your swim
Use elastic shoe laces to save fumbling with
regular shoe laces during the race
Congratulate yourself - you just achieved
something amazing!

The most important thing is to have FUN and remember to smile as you cross the finish line! A triathlon is a great goal to keep you focused during your summer fitness training. Ask one of the trainers at your local club if you have any questions about how to get ready for a triathlon this summer.

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