How to stay committed to a fitness challenge


How to stay committed to a challenge

No doubt, embarking on a fitness challenge (either self-directed or with Goodlife) will bring about some changes to your lifestyle – both with exercise and with food choices. Change can be an uncomfortable process - it takes hard work, and it takes time. We would like to offer you some advice to help you prepare you for change, and stay committed.

First tip: Make this fitness challenge your top priority

Changing old, undesirable habits and replacing them with new, more desirable habits requires your full attention. You may need to change your priorities around in order to succeed. For example, you may need to miss your favourite tv show to go to a Body Pump class, or decline going out for breakfast in order to spend time food shopping and meal prepping. With time, new habits will become routine and take less of your time and effort, so you can make room for other activities.

Second Tip: Set yourself realistic expectations, and understand there will be setbacks.

You may start your fitness challenge with every intention to make it your top priority. But, life gets in the way sometimes – a work deadline, feeling sick, going to a party, and so on. That’s ok, and to be expected. Whilst we encourage you to try and anticipate setbacks ahead of time, and plan ahead, it doesn’t always work out. In the grand scheme of things, one or two weeks won’t ruin your entire progress, as long as you get back on track as soon as possible. Eventually, your new healthy habits will become routine, and life’s setbacks won’t affect them as much!

Third Tip: Don’t overcompensate if you do veer off course

It’s okay to blow-off your weekend exercise plans and binge-watch Netflix instead, every once in a while. You’re only human! But be smart about it. If you’re skipping your regular fitness classes, perhaps plan some light meals for this time, if you can. Don’t overcompensate by starving yourself, or by punishing your body with extreme exercise later. As you know, this usually ends in a negative cycle of indulgence and punishment. After taking a few days off from the fitness challenge, banish the guilt, stay positive, and get right back on the bandwagon!

Fourth tip: Stay accountable

If you’re doing a group fitness challenge, get to know your fellow challenge participants, and make a pact to help each other stay the course! Each person you meet may offer a useful tip, and words of encouragement that can make all the difference. You may feel stronger as a group, than as an individual.

Samantha Stuk Posted by: Samantha Stuk

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