Humans Of Goodlife: Chris Lee

Humans of Goodlife Chris Lee

Humans Of Goodlife Chris Lee

Name: Christopher Lee
Age: 33
Club: Goodlife Morningside

Prior to joining Goodlife, I really fluctuated with my training. At times I would be quite active and I would see little improvements here and there, but once my training partner moved away I found myself making more and more excuses to avoid the gym. As time progressed, so did my weight gain. After becoming unmotivated with smaller, independent gyms I decided to join Goodlife Morningside in 2009. 

I joined with the right intentions, however it wasn't until a trip to Thailand in 2012 that I realised how far I was from where I truly wanted to be. I knew it was time to face the music: I didn't like how I looked and I was overweight, but I knew I needed a shake up to get me started. 

I had heard about the 12 Week Challenge and decided it was the step I needed, and I loved it. In that time, I lost 8kg and in the months following the challenge I lost a further 8kg on my own. I decided to continue while I was on a motivated roll and try out Fitter Faster Stronger. I ended up coming first for my club and I placed in the top 10 for the state. 

I realised the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was accepting that I was overweight, full of self-doubt and nowhere near as strong as I wanted to be. I started 2013 weighing 102kg and ended the year at 84kg with the two challenges under my belt. Everything was changing for me, and I was becoming fitter, stronger and overall much happier. 

I'm currently competing in my fourth Fitter Faster Stronger competition and the focus for me now is on muscle gain and always beating my previous records, rather than a weight loss number. 

There's two things I love most about working out at Goodlife - the solitude to focus on my training while I tune out and listen to music, and then the social aspect of getting to know other gym regulars and participate in Group Fitness classes.

My wife, friends and work colleagues have all been amazed with my results and I still get compliments about my transformation. However, being at the gym and having that support from other members is often the extra little motivation I need to work harder. 

I can really say that my whole perception has changed now that I'm regularly training - I feel more relaxed, more in control and I have more self-confidence. Overall, I really feel I am a better person now that I'm training at Goodlife.
Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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