Humans of Goodlife: Monica Kresh


Humans of Goodlife: Monica Kresh

I’d always been active and involved in sports throughout high school. However, when I was 16, my dad passed away and that’s the moment I can really pinpoint when everything changed. I no longer cared about anything in my life – eating, exercise, sports, school. I really just gave up.

I continued to pile on the weight and at one point I was over 100 kilos. While I tried on many occasions to lose the weight through dieting, I would always just fall back into old habits. I blamed everything and everyone else for my bad decisions. I never took responsibility for myself.

Even while struggling with my fluctuating weight over the years, I tried to be that happy person on the outside: always smiling, cracking jokes. But on the inside, I was really just so sad. I didn’t like myself and I was never excited about the future.

It was January last year that I decided to join Goodlife Wintergarden. I wanted this to be a fresh start, but it wasn’t long until I fell back into old ways pretty quickly and I let life’s excuses get in the way of why I couldn’t or shouldn’t train.

It wasn’t until October that I finally made the decision to go back, this time to Goodlife Fortitude Valley. I really saw this as my final chance – I knew I needed a serious change and I wasn’t going to let myself give up.

After a small weight loss on my own, I was worried about falling back into old habits so I reached out for some extra guidance. That’s when I was introduced to my personal trainer, Sarah. She had gone through a similar journey and I knew this was the motivation I needed. Sarah was brutally honest, too. She said I would not see results overnight, that I needed to work hard and that this was a long-term lifestyle change. It was the first time I really listened and understood that I needed to be patient, consistent and self-motivated.

As of today, I have lost over 17 kilos through a combination of group fitness, small group training and personal training twice a week. I love the feeling of the burn after a workout – it shows me that I am really pushing myself. I am currently competing in the 12 Week Challenge and I am half way to reaching my set goal. In fact, I think I might smash past it!

I know that results won’t happen overnight but this is a permanent life change for me. Right now, I feel fitter and stronger than ever. My family, friends and colleagues have all seen such a change in not only my appearance, but my attitude too and I love the person I am becoming, both mentally and physically.

Looking back at all those years I pretended to be ‘happy’, I really don’t think I was fooling anyone but myself. Now, I continue to work hard every day because my biggest fear is to go back to the person I once was. I’m excited about the future and for once, I am putting my own health first.

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