Humans of Goodlife: Sarah White

Humans of Goodlife - Sarah White

Humans of Goodlife Sarah White

Name: Sarah White
Age: 27
Club: Goodlife Fortitude Valley

Growing up, physical activity caused me serious anxiety and food was a problem solver for every situation and emotion.

I'd had various different memberships over the years, but most of the time they just sat there unused. I was extremely self-conscious and found the whole gym environment uncomfortable.

I was 22 when I first began my weight loss journey. Weighing in at 110 kilos, I was unhealthy, unhappy and dealing with a serious eating disorder.

I was working as a manager at a fast food chain, which clearly wasn't a healthy environment to be in - mentally or physically. A minor emotional breakdown and a visit to my doctor helped me realise my weight, just like my life, was out of control.

Then and there, I decided to take responsibility for my health and happiness. I removed anything remotely toxic from my life including people, jobs, mindsets and habits.

I met a wonderful personal trainer who helped me overcome my fears and negative body image. Results didn't happen overnight, but with a lot of persistence and support I lost 55 kilos.

It might just sound like a number, but for me it's so much more than that. It's changed my life in every way possible, but most importantly it's given me purpose and a whole new appreciation of my body and what it can do.

Body image has been my biggest hurdle. The old me would have been constantly watching the scales, comparing myself to others and working out because I was hating on myself, rather than working out because I wanted to be healthy. Training at Goodlife and meeting people going through similar physical and mental challenges helped me learn to love myself.

My biggest fear was that I would end up putting all that weight back on - I didn't want to risk becoming obese again. That, plus the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes or slipping back into depression was enough to keep me motivated and on track.

I've even turned my health and fitness journey into a career - first as a receptionist at Goodlife Fortitude Valley and now as a qualified personal trainer. It's a job I believe I was born to do.

I can truly say I wake up every day with energy to inspire others. I want to give my family, friends, clients and anybody else who will listen the tools to create a better life.

I don't just love being a PT, I love having a PT, too! It gives me the opportunity to improve my technique and take my fitness to a whole new level. The best part would have to be the accomplishment and focus you feel post-workout.

Group Fitness classes are also another favourite of mine. I've always been taught to leave people, places and things better than when you found them and that's exactly what happens after a class - everyone leaves the room fitter, healthier and so much HAPPIER.
Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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