Humans of Goodlife: Steve Morgan


Humans of Goodlife: Steve Morgan

Name: Steve Morgan
Club: Goodlife Alex Hills

The turning point for me to really invest in my health and fitness was in 2006 when I was hospitalised for a heart condition. At the time, I was active in sports and only 30 years old so this incident certainly terrified me. My heart was jumping from 40 to 300 beats per minute and the nurse referenced that my ‘beer belly’ wouldn’t be helping. I felt helpless and scared.

That same year, Goodlife Alex Hills opened and I was one of the first members to join. While it wasn’t the closest club to where I lived, it proved to have the best people, equipment and facilities. Over the years, Goodlife has continued to make significant investments into their staff and club – which has added to the ongoing experience.

I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AF) which means my heart beats in an irregular rhythm. While there was preventative medication available to prevent a potential heart attack, I knew that I needed a big change – so I joined my first 12 Week Challenge: the very first challenge Goodlife had ever run.

During this time and in preparation for my first challenge, I met my Goodlife personal trainer Brett Ipson who I can proudly say I still train with today, 10 years later. Throughout our time together, he has continued to be supportive and work with me on what I can do and help me through what I thought I couldn’t – and now I feel like I can achieve anything.

It hasn’t been an easy road though, after being diagnosed with AF. In 2008, I was airlifted from South Stradbroke after collapsing during a game of cricket. In 2009, I was rushed by ambulance from a park after my heart rhythm was erratic and jumping all over the place, followed by another episode in 2010. I lived in a constant state of fear, I was practically paralysed by it. It has been a massive hurdle I’ve had to overcome, that is for sure.

Even in the face of hardship, I continued to be resilient and 10 years later I am still with the same personal trainer, at the same club and proudly achieving all the goals I set for myself. I now train five days a week and have participated in five 12 Week Challenges. Goodlife has often pulled me through many of life’s obstacles. I now see that health and fitness is for life and this realisation has really empowered me to be a more patient, happy and helpful person.

For me, the social aspect of training at Goodlife is a motivating factor to why I stay committed. It is without a doubt the connections I have with the people at the gym that keep me coming back, and are the main reason I would never leave. From the incredible personal trainers to the members who I now call friends, they have always been there to offer support. Many of the original trainers who were there when I started are still working at the club, dedicating their their time to changing lives of everyday people. I think that is a testament to the strong sense of community spirit that makes Goodlife Alex Hills unique.

Over the years, I have received some of the most positive feedback and had some of the most heart-warming interactions with people about my journey and theirs, too. It has been so nice to get recognition and praise on the results I have achieved and the lives that I have helped to inspire and change.

The best advice I can give people is that living a healthy life is as simple as a flick of the switch – don’t over complicate it. It may have taken me a few years, but I now understand that for every action, there is a reaction. But most importantly, don’t focus on the mistakes or punish yourself if you make them.

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