Meet Moses Auvale From The Biggest Loser

Goodlife Health Clubs official fitness partner of The Biggest Loser

Meet Moses Auvale From The Biggest Loser

How have you been keeping fit and staying motivated on the outside? 
I have been working out every day - 3 times a week with my Goodlife personal trainer and classes every other day.

How has losing weight positively impacted on your life? 
Losing weight, a part from having kids and getting married, has been the best thing to happen in my life.

What is your favourite workout or class at GLHC?
Favourite classes are RPM and boxing.

What’s the best advice your Goodlife trainer gave you? 
My Goodlife trainer is constantly motivating me to eat right and train right. He also notices when I need to rest and when to push me.

What current goal are you working towards with your GLHC PT? 
My current goal is to complete Goodlife's Acceler8 program. Not only just to compete but to do well in it!

Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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