Meet Sam Hailwood From The Biggest Loser

Goodlife Health Clubs official fitness partner of The Biggest Loser

Meet Sam Hailwood From The Biggest Loser

It’s clear that since leaving Camp Biggest Loser, Sam Hailwood is no longer shying away from her living her life to the fullest. Find out more below.
1. How have you been keeping fit and staying motivated on the outside?
I have been going to the gym, doing classes and walking 6km every morning.
2. How has losing weight positively impacted on your life?
My life has completely changed from this experience. I look at myself in a much more positive way, I’m not shying away from mirrors and tighter clothes. I’m a lot more active and am doing things that I wouldn't do before - like going to the beach and doing fun runs. 
3. What you most look forward to when training with your Goodlife PT?
Seeing the results on the scales!
4. What current goal are you working towards with your Goodlife PT?
To tone up and lose weight.
5. Biggest health lesson you learnt in the TBL house?
Food is fuel, so only put healthy food into your body.

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