Top 6 Foods For Healthy Hair

Top 6 foods for healthy hair

Top 6 Foods For Healthy Hair

At Hairhouse Warehouse we can confidently say we have the recipe for healthy hair. Not only will it make you feel like you're radiating health, but you'll also be getting bikini body ready at the same time.

Oh, and guess what? It's super dooper easy. By adding a few extra foods in your diet and following a healthy lifestyle, your body will absorb proteins, minerals and good fat sources a lot easier. Within 2-3 months you'll start to see glossy goodness in your locks and before you know it you'll be shining brighter than Rihanna's diamonds.

Have we got your attention yet? Thought so. This is where the yummy part comes in. Let us tell you about the 6 types of food your personal trainer and hairdresser will give the tick of approval.

1. Fish - aka fatty acids and omega oils

Fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout are full of fatty acids and omega oils. These nutrients lead to a healthy brain but also helps support the function of the heart, skin oil levels and the small intestine. Salmon contains a high level of vitamin D and protein, which is also a strong supporter in creating strong hair. Another perk is that fish such as salmon contains bio-active peptides, which are small protein molecules that reduce inflammation and help regulate insulin levels and give you joint support.

For those vegetarian babes, there's plenty of other ways you can consume these nutrients. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds and avocado are all extremely high in fatty acids and omega oils.

  • Try sprinkling walnuts or pumpkin seeds on your next main meal after your work out. Your metabolism will be faster, meaning you need foods high in fatty acids and omega oils that take longer to digest. They'll keep you fuller for longer and assist in body recovery.
  • If your workout finishes late into the night and you want a light meal before bed, try a small piece of salmon with your dinner. It won't weigh you down and will provide the perfect amount of nutrients to help your muscles and joints recover. If you want some extra carbs with your meal, serve with sweet potatoes. They're a complex carb that helps restore glycogen levels, which get depleted after a workout.

2. Meat - aka zinc, iron & vitamin B

Red meat contains an extremely high amount of zinc and iron, contributing to keeping each strand of hair strong, healthy and luscious. Plus it contains plenty of protein to satiate your appetite and promote muscle strength. Research shows diets lacking iron can lead to hair loss and lack of energy. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • Try drinking a glass of orange juice when eating red meat or chicken. Not only does it taste delicious but the vitamin C helps absorb the iron faster into your bod'.
  • If you need a light meal a few hours before a work out, try some lean chicken with veggies. The protein and carbs will fill you up without feeling bloated.
  • If you're a vegetarian, try throwing some mung beans into a salad post for a workout meal. They're filling, rich in iron and helps build muscle.

3. Eggs - aka zinc, selenium & iron

Eggs provide a great amount of nutrients to the body, iron being the most important. If your body becomes anaemic it means you're unable to retain iron, causing hair loss and fatigue (which is not ideal when you're in the middle of a 12 week challenge). Iron allows the cells to carry nutrients to the hair follicle to keep them nice and strong. Protein is another great nutrient found in eggs, which is a great aid for muscle recovery and growth.

  • After a workout, try incorporating as much protein as possible in your diet. It's best absorbed when your endorphins are pumping and assists in muscle development #winning. Scramble two eggs in the fry pan and add them to a stir-fry, a salad or in your sandwich. It takes an extra few minutes and it's delicious.
  • Try adding some avocado into an omelette. The oils will help your body absorb fat soluble nutrients that your veggies have like vitamins A, D, E and K. Avo is jam packed with antioxidants which give your bod' much needed energy.

4. Orange vegetables - aka beta carotene

Now, this is the super food if you're looking to grow your hair. Orange vegies contain beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A, which assists in preserving the natural oils in the scalp. These reduce the likelihood of an itchy, dry dandruff scalp and produces healthy hair growth. These foods are also a necessity when you're constantly working out as they contain a great amount of potassium, which is an important electrolyte to help restore bodily fluid levels.

  • Instead of using pasta in a spaghetti recipe, grate up five or so carrots and use that as the base of your meal. They're lighter on the stomach when working out and is a great immunity booster.
  • Instead of energy drinks post-workout, opt for a glass of OJ. Orange juice is great for absorbing iron when paired with meat and chicken and also contains more potassium than sports drinks. Surprising we know.

5. Dark green vegies - aka iron & protein

There's a reason why your Instagram feed has been filled with green juices and mountains of kale. Those #cleaneaters are onto something as green veggies are the most important of them all. They're rich in iron, protein and support vitamin C absorption to increase natural healthy oils in the scalp and encourage inner stimulation of the hair follicle. Your hair is nearly all protein so it makes absolute sense to eat a diet rich in protein. Without it, your body is unable to replace hair from the follicle.

Green veggies are also a very high source of alkaline, which is the key to healthy cells and immunity. A diet high in alkaline has also been proved to revert the ageing process (bonus), meaning less greys and more energy for your next gym class.

  • Smoothies are a great snack when you're running on a strict workout regime (see what we did there?) You can jam-pack them with berries for a boost of energy and spinach or kale to assist in muscle development. Try mixing and matching your green ingredients - you'll be pleasantly surprised how great they taste!
  • If you're a lunchtime exerciser, try incorporating some spinach into your sandwich or salad. We recommend tuna (for the protein and carbs) to work with this powerhouse food. This green food is perfect for curbing your appetite, boosting your radiant complexion and lowering blood pressure and inflammation.

6. Greek yoghurt - aka vitamin B5, calcium & vitamin D

Greek yoghurt, like other naturally derived dairy products are a very high source of calcium, vitamin D & vitamin B5. The vitamin B family has a long list of benefits, including helping anxiety, skin disorders, hair loss prevention and scalp issues such as dandruff. Calcium as we all know is crucial for strong bones and prevents conditions like Osteoporosis. Greek yoghurt also contains proteins that have been proven to improve muscle protein synthesis to help repair, build and strengthen lean muscle.

  • We recommend eating Greek yoghurt before a long run because it's easy on your stomach and when paired with a small handful of trail mix (filled with seeds, nuts and other goodies) it gives you the boost your body needs. Just remember that nuts and seeds are high in fat, meaning they take longer to digest so less is more before a work out!
  • Blend Greek yoghurt into a smoothie with berries and other hair nourishing goodies. Like, ah, this one we created:

Healthy hair recipe

We love this recipe because Greek yoghurt and fruit help to kick sugar cravings whilst cinnamon makes your brain think your fuller quicker, also making your meal digest slower. This smoothie is full of zinc, iron, vitamin B5, vitamin D, calcium, fatty acids and omega oils - the recipe for a stronger, healthier you. Now you'll have the nourishment for your scalp, healthy follicles and inner health allowing you to work out with ease and channel Kimmy K without the celebrity chef price tag.​

So, there you have it. A work out regime + a yummy diet = radiance and extreme health. The rule of thumb with exercise is to always include protein and fibre into your diet, post work out. These nutrients help maintain the increase and decrease of blood glucose levels and helps creates a normal insulin response.

For even more handy hair hints head over to the Hairhouse Warehouse blog.

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