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Snacks before & after yoga class

Love yoga? Those of you who practice will know of the complete mental and physical benefits it has to offer. But, just like any exercise, it is worth paying attention to your pre and post-class snack choices for optimal results. So, what are the snacks and when should you be eating?

There are some suggestions to eat 3 hours before your yoga session so you aren’t trying to master your downward-facing dog on a full stomach. However, on the flip side, hunger pangs and tummy growls are equally as uncomfortable so it is imperative to have some energy on board to stay focused, balanced and agile. With this in mind, a small snack consumed at least 45 minutes before a class, that is easy to digest and rich in low GI carbohydrates, is ideal. 

Some suggestions are: 

  1. A banana 
  2. A glass of skim milk 
  3. A small handful of trail mix (nuts and seeds)
  4. A fruit and vegetable smoothie 
  5. Two multigrain corn thins with avocado

Equal attention should also be given to your food and drink choices after the class to keep your energy levels high. Your food choices should aim to repair tired muscles and replenish energy stores. This means a combination of protein, low GI carbohydrates and fruits or vegetables. The most critical window for recovery is the first 45 minutes after you finish a workout, so if you’re on the go or a few hours away from your next meal, make sure you have a bottle of water to take with you, and try these portable snacks:

  1. A small tub of Greek yoghurt with a few spoons of natural muesli containing nuts and fruit
  2. A boiled egg and a quartered apple dipped in natural peanut butter
  3. 4 Vita-Weats with tomato and cheese
  4. A small container with tuna, four bean mix and chopped veggies  
  5. A protein shake and a banana

So, don’t forget to fuel up before your next yoga session by grabbing a banana or a handful of nuts! Ready to find your next class? Visit your club’s timetable now.

Written by Samantha Cowana Melbourne based Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian who believes that healthy eating should be flavoursome, fast and fuss-free.

Samantha Cowan Posted by: Samantha Cowan
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