Workout Tips To Suit The Busiest Schedule

Workout Tips To Suit The Busiest Schedule

Workout Tips For Busy Schedules

Goodlife Health Clubs Personal Trainer Jason Galea has these hot tips to get the most out of your workout for any time of the day - be it early morning, noon or midnight. Now there's no excuse to skip a training session!

Early Bird Jump Start 4am-8am

Cardio Boost: Kick-start your day with a cardio workout to rev up your metabolism and boost your energy levels. Accelerate your ability to burn off calories, increase your alertness and brain function andset the tone for the rest of the day!
Don't skip breakfast: Try some oatmeal, eggs on whole-wheat toast, or an omelette with spinach and avocado. This will set your metabolism up to burn fat and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Midday Quickie 12pm-2pm

Weigh up the benefits: Relieve your daily stress and improve your mental focus with some midday weight training. Work out when your body temperature is at its highest and your muscles are warm and flexible.
Focus on the protein: A high source of protein and some healthy dietary fats are best for performance and improved body composition, a good option is a super easy baked chicken breast with a side salad.

Post Work Vibe 5pm-7pm

HIIT it hard: De-stress and make the most of your afternoon workout with some high intensity interval training. Enjoy the social atmosphere at the gym and workout at a time when your body's coordination, stamina and lung performance is at its peak.
Eat light: Be sure to have a source of protein or healthy fats, these will sustain you for longer than carbohydrates on their own. Try some almonds and a piece of fruit.

Late Night Champion 8pm-midnight

You set the tone: Work harder and recover faster with a late night workout. Training between 8pm-midnight allows you to time your workouts close to your sleep, optimising your nightly growth hormone and perfecting the healing environment.
Light n' lean snack: Keep things light with a serving of lean protein, whole grains and veggies or salad. Try some baked chicken or fish with rice and ratatouille and stay away from stimulants like coffee or pre-workout.

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