Body Combat

Unleash your inner martial artist

Body Combat is the Les Mills answer to your call for a fiercely energetic workout. Inspired by martial arts disciplines from karate and boxing to tae kwon do, tai chi and Muay Thai, your session gets you feeling empowered – striking, punching and kicking your way to better fitness. This calorie-burning cardio session will help build strength, power and heart health. Build on your library of moves with step-by-step kata instruction and regular choreography updates that keep things interesting. Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu have nothing on you.

The benefits

Harness the calorie-burning effects of Body Combat during and well after your workout.

  • Increase fitness and muscle tone
  • Improve heart and lung health and function
  • Gain martial arts skills and improved coordination
  • Improve core strength and posture
  • Build confidence and strength
  • Wellbeing 50Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss 75Weight Loss
  • Strength 75Strength
  • Fitness 100Fitness
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