Body Pump

Pump the major muscle groups

The original and the best barbell class that sculpts and tones your entire body. Get rapid results from BodyPump’s recipe of lower weight but high reps across standing, floor and step exercises. The low impact movements burn fat and promote lean muscle mass for anyone who has aspirations of getting into shape fast. Challenge yourself and reap the benefits.

The benefits

The tried and tested way to squat, press, lift and curl your way to a better body.

  • Improve your overall strength and fitness
  • Shape and tone all the major muscle groups
  • Introduce weight training to your routine
  • Transform your body shape and see fast results
  • Increase your metabolism 
  • Wellbeing 50Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss 75Weight Loss
  • Strength 100Strength
  • Fitness 75Fitness
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