GRIT Series

Grit and determination is the name of this game

The best of GRIT Plyo, Strength and Cardio rolled into one mega class - GRIT Series is the ultimate muscle-building, fat-burning, agility-enhancing workout. In just 30 minutes you and your classmates will make your way through a high intensity series of tracks designed to get you super fit, super fast.

The benefits

Get your GRIT on with this "Great Hits" compilation.

  • Full body workout
  • Increase aerobic capacity and lung health
  • Enhance muscle endurance, metabolism and power
  • Maximum results in a shorter class time
  • Challenging for all fitness levels
  • Wellbeing 50Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss 75Weight Loss
  • Strength 75Strength
  • Fitness 100Fitness


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