Gymstick Abs

Your magic stick to six-pack abs

Give your core the workout of its life with Gymstick Abs. Utilising this unique functional resistance training tool, Gymstick Abs is an express class designed to cut straight to the core – literally! Tone your mid-section with Gymstick-assisted bicep curls, squats and a host of simple resistance exercises. Anyone can do it!

The benefits

Grab a Gymstick and get a complete abdominal workout, with benefits from perfectly-proper posture to a hard-as-concrete core.

  • Tone and strengthen your core
  • Improve posture
  • Get a flatter stomach
  • Strengthen your back
  • Express class gets you fast results
  • Wellbeing 50Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss 25Weight Loss
  • Strength 50Strength
  • Fitness 25Fitness


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