Goodlife App Challenge

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Get ready for a new challenge...

Oops! Look like there isn't a Goodlife App Challenge running at the moment. In the meantime you can use the Goodlife App to create your own challenge based on your goals!

How to get started:

1. Download the Goodlife App

2. Tap Goal Centre and choose your goal type, target and duration

3. Get started! Hit the gym to reach your goals.

Give it a go. Download the App!

Goodlife App iOS Goodlife App for Android

Features to make working out easier.

  • Count the kilometres, beat the time, share the wins. 
  • Sync all your fitness trackers into one dashboard
  • Fully compatible with MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Fitbit, Jawbone + more!
  • Set goals & record all your workouts
  • Join global fitness challenges for motivation
  • See how your activity compares to other users
  • Easily view class timetables across different clubs
  • Add classes direct to your calendar & receive reminder alerts

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