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Succumbing to stress? Feeling fatigued? Craving change? Introducing MIND BODY by Goodlife Health Clubs – the perfect place to restore weary muscles, limber up after leg day, disconnect from the chaos and connect with likeminded people. 

More than just Yoga or Pilates, we offer a range different formats designed for relaxation or results – or both – plus more weekly classes than any other health club. The flexibilities are endless, and it’s all included in your Goodlife membership.

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Can’t touch your toes? Don’t sweat it. Whether you’re super bendy or stiff as a board, all fitness and flexibility levels are welcome. We know changing up your routine or trying something new can be daunting and that’s why our classes are set in a supportive and welcoming environment with a friendly and approachable instructor who will mould every move and prepare every pose just for you. 

Whether you’re a yogi in training or just starting out, we have a class that suits you. Find your perfect match from our 11 formats, ranging from 30-60 minutes. If you’re an early bird or night owl, you can master your downward dog with Virtual Yoga and Virtual Pilates at selected clubs. Start scrolling for a selection of our most popular classes and check your local club for availability and timetables.

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Yoga at Goodlife

Straighten your body and bring your spine back into perfect alignment with classic poses. 

Goodlife yoga classes place equal importance on breath and encouraging the free flow of energy throughout the body.  With yoga classes at Goodlife, you will improve mobility, lengthen muscles and reduce recovery time. A better mood and clearer mind is just a bonus. If you prefer heavy weights to heavy breathing, then make the most of your rest days with the fat-burning, core-building and muscle rejuvenating benefits of yoga. It’s not just for the ladies. There’s a reason people from different training styles are jumping on the yoga bandwagon.

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Body Balance at Goodlife

Body Balance is a blend of yoga, tai chi and Pilates that works your core and builds strength through your back. 

Control your breathing and master stretches, moves and poses. Body Balance is a great addition to your overall exercise regime. The lights are dimmed, the mood is serene and the body is brought into a state of harmony and balance, leaving you with a sense of calm. Classes conclude with a 10-minute relaxation exercise to send you away feeling like you’re floating on air.

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Pilates at Goodlife

Pilates builds core conditioning, and longer, leaner muscles. 

Focus your attention on movement and breath, while stretching and strengthening your body. Pilates is the ideal way to build flexibility - you may not be able to touch your toes right now, but you will in no time with Pilates classes at Goodlife.

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Bootybarre is the ultimate fun and energetic workout.

Utilising the barre, this all-level class is a worldwide phenomenon combining both strength and flexibility with fitness to achieve your own dancer's physique. Incorporating dance, yoga and Pilates, Bootybarre is sure to be your new favourite class. Grab a friend, work your core and have some fun with Bootybarre at Goodlife.

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