4 Weeks • 4 Workouts



Join Fitter Faster Stronger Pre-Season and test yourself! No matter your fitness level, our free 4 week program will teach you everything you need to know about functional training.

What is Fitter Faster Stronger “Pre-Season”?

Fitter Faster Stronger ​”Pre-Season” is designed to educate and prepare you ​for the upcoming Fitter Faster Stronger 8 Week Challenge, commencing October 2017. It’s specifically focused around​ the instruction and technique ​of the movements you will need to perform in the next challenge. You will also build your current core fitness and strength levels required to compete at this level.

What’s included?

This program includes ​one workout each week (“Workout of the Week” or “WOW”) over four weeks starting on 24th August 2017.
All workouts have been designed using exercises generally performed ​in the “Novice Category” of the Fitter Faster Stronger competition. This club based program includes ​a mix of medium to high-intensity workouts to ensure your technique, timing and posture are maintained through various stages of fatigue, with the sole focus of getting fitter, faster and stronger.

Who should register?

  • Beginners who have never taken part in any type of functional training, including the Fitter Faster Stronger competition
  • Previous 8 or 12 Week Challenge Transformation participants who are looking for a new challenge
  • Previous Fitter Faster Stronger participants who want to prepare for the upcoming challenge

Are there any costs involved?

No, this program is free to enter.

Do I need a trainer?

Yes, you will need to work with a Goodlife Fitness Professional​ during this program. Your Personal Trainer will be there to teach, instruct, support and motivate you through  each workout to ensure you perform the movements correctly and safely.​

How do I register?

Registration is available through reception in club.

​When does the next 8 Week Challenge start?

The Goodlife 8 Week Challenge will commence on 7th October 2017.

Where can I find out more information?

Talk to reception or your Fitness Director in club to assist with further information and any questions you may have.

The Fitter Faster Stronger Pre-Season program is only available to current Goodlife Health Club members and must be completed with the supervision of a Fitness Professional. 

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