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Fitter Faster Stronger 12 Week Challenge. 

Designed for gym goers with a serious competitive streak, our Fitter Faster Stronger 12 Week Challenge will help you achieve an advanced level of engineered performance and take your fitness to soaring new heights!

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Easy doesn't challenge you

Perfect for the experienced member who's looking to boost endurance or break through a fitness plateau, Fitter Faster Stronger will help you reach a new level of engineered performance. The functional training program will push experienced contenders and help improve fitness, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. 

  • Fight for a fitter you and receive:
  • 2XU training singlet 
  • Leaderboard tracking 
  • Before & after photos 
  • Body composition & measurements 
  • Weekly group training sessions 
  • Mega workout events 
  • Online community forum 
  • Awards and prizes 
  • Discounted Gala Dinner tickets 

Which level do you fit into?

All levels complete the same workout, however exercises and loads will vary. Each WOW can be tailored by your trainer to your individual ability and experience. Choose from one of three levels so you can compete in the infamous WOWs (Workouts of the Weeks) against those with similar fitness, drive and dedication:

Novice - For first or second time challengers with an intermediate fitness level.

Standard - For repeat challengers with an intermediate to advanced fitness level.

Masters - For challengers aged 40 years and over (Note: these members can still choose to compete in Novice and Standard).

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