Transformation 12 Week Challenge

Perfect for first time challenge goers, our Transformation 12 Week Challenge will provide you with all of the building blocks you need for a healthier lifestyle, by supporting you through diet and group exercise.

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Your best is yet to come.

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Perfect for first timers, the Transformation 12 Week Challenge will provide you with the education and support you need to create serious change in both your body and your mind. You'll gain access to weekly group workouts, dietician approved meal-plans and easy-to-follow shopping lists that will help keep you inspired and motivated on every step of the way. 

Rise to the challenge and you'll receive: 

  • Weekly workout program 
  • Meal plans & recipes 
  • 2XU training singlet 
  • Before & after photos 
  • Body composition and measurements 
  • Weekly group training sessions 
  • Online community forum 
  • Mega workout events 
  • Awards and prizes 
  • Discounted Gala Dinner tickets 


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