2019 Sept Referral Campaign


TERMS & CONDITIONS: Birthday Buddy Pass

  1. The Promoter is conducting the promotion in selected Goodlife Health Clubs in QUEENSLAND, VICTORIA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA ("Participating Outlets").
  2. Members that receive the Birthday Buddy Pass can bring a guest for free for 10 days from the day they receive the email. 
  3. The guest can be a different person per day (maximum one per day) for the duration of the pass however they must accompany the member and it must be during staffed hours only.
  4. Guests must be accompanied by member to gain access to the club. Prior to accessing the club, the guest must:\
  5. Provide proof of photo identification and sign the guest register;
  6. Provide name, age, address and phone number/email address;
  7. Read, understand and agree to any terms of entry and club conduct; and
  8. Read, understand and agree to any waiver and indemnity required by the Promoter.
  9. Guests cannot have been a member of Goodlife Health Clubs (including previous brands Goodlife have acquired) for the past twelve (12) months. 
  10. The guest can only access and use the Club and its facilities in accordance with the Goodlife age policy which restricts access and usage of certain equipment to minors. The Goodlife age policy can be found at www.goodlife.com.au.
  11. The guest only receives access to non-paid services (including gym floor and group fitness) and all paid services are excluded. Paid services include but are not limited to; Arena Championship Series, Arena Fit Series, Arena Academy, Yoga Box and Small Group Training, Personal Training, 12 week Challenges, Bootcamps, or HYPOXI.
  12. Where Clubs have 24hr operations, guests can only access the club during staffed hours as notified on the Goodlife website.
  13. The Promoter is Goodlife Health Clubs, A.B.N. 59120953200.

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