2019 February Online Flash Sale 2019


Special Terms & Conditions: February Online Flash Sale 2019

Memberships from $12.95 and pay nothing upfront

Information on how to join makes up these Conditions.

  • The Promoter is conducting the promotion in selected Goodlife Health Clubs in VICTORIA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, and WESTERN AUSTRALIA ("Participating Outlets") on 22 February until close of business on 24 February 2019  at each Participating Outlet ("Promotional Period"). The Goodlife Health Club located in Box Hill VIC is not a Participating Outlet and are excluded from the promotion.
  • The promotion offers the following membership at any Participating Outlet:Membership Type: Basic Membership (18 Month Home Club Membership) for VIC, QLD and WA locations only
  • Membership Type: Active Home (12 Month Home Club Membership) for SA locations only
  • Discounted membership rate of $12.95 per week for Basic Membership for VIC, QLD and WA locations only.
  • Discounted membership rate of $12.95 per week for Active (Home) Membership for SA locations only.
  • Pay Nothing upfront:"Pay Nothing Up Front" means that no payment is required from the member until the expiry of their Free Time. "Free Time" refers to the period of free time offered as part of the promotion or membership where full membership and access rights are granted but no payment is required. After the Free Time period the regular weekly instalment and any administration fees or start up products will start to be deducted from the nominated bank account.  
  • If the member chooses to accept their Free Time, they agree that the term of their membership shall be extended by the length of the Free Time (other than in South Australia)
  • A $99 Start-up fee applies to all memberships. This will be included in the first direct debit.
  • Free time limited at 7 days per membership. The days free are added onto the membership with the minimum term commencing after the free time, except for South Australia where the time is included in the minimum term of the membership, normal membership conditions apply thereafter.
  • A condition of the Active Home 12 Month and Basic membership is the payment of an additional Quarterly Coaching Fee of $9.95 per quarter. See Quarterly Coaching Fee terms and conditions for further details and benefits.
  • Goodlife offers members a cooling off period, known as a Breathing Space. The Breathing Space period commences on the initial contract date and expires 7 days after the initial contract date. A member can choose to enact their Breathing Space and terminate their membership, if the member meets the following conditions:
  • they have attended the Goodlife health consultation, with a Goodlife Personal Trainer, at their local Goodlife Health Club.
  • they submit a written request to terminate their membership within the Breathing Space period.
  • The offer only applies to new memberships and cannot be run in conjunction with any other offer including corporate discounts.
  • The Promoter or the Participating Outlets shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for personal injury which is suffered or sustained, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law and the user of the pass indemnifies the Promoter and the Participating Outlet in relation to any claim, loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for any personal injury which is suffered or sustained.
  • The member will be required to complete a 24/7 Induction, waivers and health screening tool prior to their first training session at Goodlife Health Clubs. Any minors will be required to have their membership signed by a parent or legal guardian, complete additional waivers &  induction, and other comply with the Goodlife Age Policy.
  • The Promoter is Goodlife Health Clubs, A.B.N. 59120953200


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