Goodlife Health Clubs acquisition of Re-Creation FAQ

What happens to my Re-Creation membership?

As per your existing terms and conditions, there will be no changes to your payment frequency, payment schedule or payment amount.” Former Re-Creation members have had their current debit arrangements transferred to Goodlife’s third party billing provider, DebitSuccess.

Will there be a change to Re-Creation billing arrangements?

As per your existing terms and conditions, there will be no changes to your payment frequency, payment schedule or payment amount. Under the terms of your DDR Service Agreement, please accept this as notice that your current debit arrangement, including the amount and frequency, will be transferred to Goodlife’s third party billing provider, DebitSuccess.  We anticipate that DebitSuccess will be billing you from November 3rd.  Up until this time, Re-Creation will continue to debit you.

Will I still have access to Rec Xpress 24.7?

If you are a current Re-Creation Carnegie member who holds an active key fob  , you will have continued access to the Rec Xpress facility in Carnegie until further notice. 

Will I have access to other Goodlife Health clubs ?

Current Re-Creation Carnegie members who purchased and hold an active Rec Xpress key fob will  receive complimentary access to other Goodlife clubs including Goodlife 24/7. 
For all other members, please contact reception for information on membership upgrade.

What if I am already a Goodlife member?

If you are currently a member of both Re-Creation Carnegie and Goodlife Health Clubs, your Re-Creation membership will be cancelled and your Goodlife membership will remain active.

Depending on your Goodlife membership type, you may need to upgrade your membership in order to access the Carnegie club after your Re-Creation membership is cancelled and the transition has occurred.

Will I receive a new membership tag to access the club, and depending on my membership type, to access other Goodlife clubs?

Goodlife will be issuing new membership tags that can be used to scan in at reception. These tags will arrive over the coming weeks. Members will be notified when tags are ready for collection at reception. 

Will opening hours change?

There will be no changes to the opening hours of the club. 

Will there be any changes to Group Fitness classes?

Goodlife will not be making any changes to the current Group Fitness timetable in the short term. Over time Goodlife Carnegie will come in line with our quarterly launches and releases and class will be modified and adjusted as required, based on demand and popularity.

What date can I start accessing the new club?

Goodlife Carnegie will be officially operating from Friday 3rd of November. We expect there to be minimal disruption and apart from a few changes with computer systems, everything else will run as normal. 

Will the club be still known as Re-Creation?

No. You will start to see the branding at your club change to Goodlife Health Clubs. Bear with us, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen as soon as practically possible. 

Will my personal trainer stay?

We would love all trainers to continue working with Goodlife after the transition period. All trainers will be offered continuation of their current agreements.

Will I still see my favourite Group Fitness instructors?

Of course! Goodlife will be offering continued employment to group fitness instructors and we hope they continue to teach their current classes with us. 

Will the same friendly staff be at my health club?

We hope so! We are expecting that all the friendly staff you see at reception and around the club will stay on with Goodlife, making the change as smooth and seamless as possible for you.

I have already paid for my PT, what will happen?

All of the services and products that you’ve purchased, but not yet received, will continue as normal.

What happens when I am out of contract?

Your membership will simply continue at your existing rate and your terms and conditions will remain unchanged, however you will be rolled onto a month-to-month membership, giving you more flexibility. If you would like to change your membership type, please speak with the Goodlife Carnegie team. 


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