Humans of Goodlife


It's our members that make Goodlife such a different experience from other health clubs.

How well do you know the faces you see at the gym? The person next to you on the treadmill, behind you in Body Attack, the one lapping you in the pool? Have you ever wondered what motivates them? What struggles they've overcome? What their health and fitness goals are? 

Now you can find out! Every week, we'll be putting the spotlight on the Humans of Goodlife - members with extraordinary stories to tell and learn from.

"My mum has become an unlikely training partner - helping me lose the weight I gained overseas. I can say without a doubt my progress is the result of two things - my Goodlife extended family and, of course, Mum." Read more...

"Results didn't happen overnight, but with a lot of persistence and support I lost 55 kilos. My biggest fear was that I would end up putting all that weight back on - I didn't want to risk becoming obese again. That, plus the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes or slipping back into depression was enough to keep me motivated and on track." Read more...

"In the beginning, weighing in at 150kg, my biggest fear was that I would fail. But I was determined to just keep going. Now every time I see someone struggling or pushing themselves to their limit, I feel like telling them not to give up." Read more...

"Originally my motivation was based on reaching a certain weight - focusing just on a number. Now the main motivation is to beat my previous records or attempts. To always better myself." Read more...

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