8 Week Challenge


The Goodlife 8 Week Challenge is on again soon.

Step up to the challenge and stay on track with your goals by joining the Goodlife 8 Week Challenge - based on our original 12 Week Challenge weight-loss program, which has supported thousands of people on their health and fitness journey.

Whether you want to break unhealthy habits, change your mindset, make new friends at the gym, maximise your gains or set an impressive new PB - our 8 Week Challenge has been designed by the industry’s best Fitness Professionals to help you achieve results. 

Choose from two categories depending on your goals and fitness level - Transformation and Fitter Faster Stronger. Transformation will teach you about creating healthier habits and improve your diet and lifestyle, while Fitter Faster Stronger is perfect for functional training fanatics looking to take their fitness to the next level. 


Our Transformation category is about much more than just weight loss. It is an 8 week lifestyle program expertly designed to accomplish results and help you transform your body from the inside out with:
  • Weekly exercise programs
  • Weekly meal plans & recipes
  • Before & after photos, inc. measurements
  • Group workout events
  • Online community forum for support
  • Towel & water bottle
  • Awards & prizes

With a focus on inclusion and support, you won’t be left facing the challenge alone. Be guided to remain on track with articles hitting your inbox covering topics from exercise and nutrition through to ever-important mindset, along with on-going participation in group workouts and in-club events. The Transformation program is only available to current Goodlife members. 

Stay motivated as you transform your fitness and health. It’s often the little tips and tricks that will be the pick-me-up you need throughout, so you’ll be a part of our online forum where you can track, chat and share the journey with those running the same race to better health. Take the first small step to a better you!


Hit a new level of engineered performance with this 8 week functional training competition including:
  • Weekly workouts 
  • Nutrition plan & recipes
  • Towel & water bottle 
  • Leaderboard tracking
  • Awards & prizes
  • Online community forum
Perfect for experienced contenders or those with intermediate to advanced fitness, the Fitter Faster Stronger program is designed to increase fitness, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. Ultimately, only the strong will survive. 

Choose from three categories so you can compete in the WOWs against those with similar fitness, drive and dedication:

Novice - For first or second time challengers with an intermediate fitness level.
Standard - For repeat challengers with an intermediate to advanced fitness level.
Masters - For challengers aged 40 years and over (note: these members can still choose to compete in Novice and Standard).

You will develop a love/hate relationship with the WOWs – or workouts of the week. They are specially designed to retrain, reshape and redesign your body, while pushing your strength and endurance to the limit. The Fitter Faster Stronger program is only available to current Goodlife members. 

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