Small Group Training

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Looking for motivation on tap? Look no further!

Now you can experience the energy of personal training... in a group! Small Group Training at Goodlife Health Clubs gives you the PT experience - including individual support to help you achieve your personal goals - while surrounding yourself with others who challenge, push and motivate you.

  • Beat boredom - you'll never do the same workout twice
  • Individual support - no more than 8 people in a class
  • Fun & innovative - try the latest fitness trends with an expert trainer
  • Motivation on tap - team support and encouragement

The best part is that Small Group Training works in with your existing training program - whether you've already got a trainer, you prefer to DIY or you're into Group Fitness! See your club for details.

Looking for Personal Training or Small group Training but don't know where to start? Complete this online form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch soon.

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